About Us

Wisdom and Power in Christ Ministries International Inc. (WPCMI) based in the United States and operating in The Bahamas is an unconventional, Christ-centered, non-denominational ministry. Our ministry is an extension of the ministry of Christ which means that we are ambassadors of Christ commissioned and empowered from heaven to continue His greater works here on earth. As ambassadors of Christ, we are not confined by borders or walls, but only by the will of God. At Wisdom and Power in Christ Ministries International, Christ’s Will is our will and His Works are our works.

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According to the grace given, WPCMI preaches and teaches the truth of the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the poor and brokenhearted, proclaims liberty to those held captive by addictions and vices, and restores spiritual and physical sight to the blind and spiritual and physical health to the souls and bodies of those receptive to the gospel.

The objective of our ministry is to enlarge Christ’s fold on earth and to refresh His people by ministering to them in the wisdom of His Word and the Power of His deeds that they may grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (Yoshua) unto the fullness of Christ.