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Wisdom and Power in Christ Ministries International Inc. (WPCMI) ministers the Word of God in simplicity. Our teaching ministry is illustrative and concise. According to the grace of God given to us we break bread with and for whosoever desires the revelatory knowledge of God’s word. Our objective in Christ is to minister the practical understanding of God’s word to the hearts of its hearers so that it may be applied for their betterment.

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WPCMI accepts invitations (based on our availability) to minister God’s word at Christ-centered gatherings, churches, workplaces and home settings. If you would like to invite us to minister, please send us an invitation or an expression of interest to minister via the Contact Us. When you submit your expression of interest or invitation to us, please let us know as many details as possible including who your audience is, what your theme is, if you have a theme, the date or dates of interest of your event and the estimated number of attendees. We will prayerfully consider your request and if and when released to come, we will come as ambassadors of Christ. [1 Corinthians 5:20]

We are also interested in inviting ministers and ministries to partner with us in edifying the body of Christ at conferences and ministry events from time to time.

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