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If you are in accordance with the vision of Wisdom and Power in Christ Ministries International Inc. and would like to join forces with us to propel the Kingdom of God throughout the earth, we would be interested in hearing from you. You can partner with us through various missions, evangelism, donating of Kingdom Resources, giving us ministry referrals and even lending or borrowing ministry talent or venues for the glory of God.

At Wisdom and Power in Christ Ministries International, we believe in networking within the global body of Christ and fellowshipping with those who labor among us for the same mandate [1 Thessalonians 5:12] [Philemon 1:7] which is to make believers of all manner of people [Matthew 28:19] and to edify and equip them to be victorious in the faith.

If you would like to partner with us in making believers, sharing personal or ministry testimonies and talents or offering other resources to refresh the souls of the saints, please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page or leave us a voice message on our toll free number.

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Christwise Counsel

Consulting The Head Before Instructing The Body [TM]

Wisdom and Power in Christ Ministries International (WPCMI) through Christwise Counsel ® offers “Biblical” or “Bible based” counsel to whosever will humbly approach God in faith believing that He can and will supply wisdom (light) for their circumstance.

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CMM World

We are committed to helping prepare the way for the Lord by fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, not just convert. We believe the command to go into all the world with the Gospel is not only geographical but is also a calling to every cultural and social center of influence: family, arts, entertainment, business, education, government, media, and religion.

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Jesus With Us Ministries

Jesus With Us Ministries is a Nonprofit organization based in India which is committed to teaching and proclaiming the Word of God to strengthen the faith of believers in Jesus Christ. We share the love and amazing life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ with the spiritually lost. We equip those who follow Christ by laying a strong foundation of God’s Word enabling them to grow deeper in their personal relationship with God. Our aim is to stir up a love, excitement and desire for the Word of God by conveying that the knowledge of God’s Word is essential to our Christian lives. It is our dream to see the Body of Christ grow in love for God and for others.